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KGF 3 Release date, Rocky Alive or not, Cast, Shooting

KGF 3 has been trending on Twitter ever since it was released. In the movie’s post-credits sequence, fans are ecstatic since it has officially been revealed that a third part of the film is now in production. Another important news was that the brand would be expanding to other countries. Because KGF Chapter 2 came to a close, it’s evident that Makers are already thinking about Chapter 3 and that the Path for Chapter 3 is still open for exploration. Although there is no official confirmation that KGF 3 will be launched, our sources have informed us that the KGF Chapter 3 is now in production and the plot is finalized for the game. Following the smash success of KGF Chapter 2, the production team will begin work on this project.

The story of KGF Chapter 3

Prashant Neel seems adamant about keeping the same team members from the film; the cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda and the soundtrack composer Ravi Basrur have been with him since his debut film. And as a result, we anticipate that Bhuvan and Ravi will indeed be involved in the third sequel, which Vijay Kiragandur would bankroll under the brand of Hombale Films. Although we will keep you informed of any new information on KGF 3 as it becomes available, please bookmark this page for future reference.


As soon as cinema doors opened, millions of fans flocked to their local theatre to enjoy KGF’s highly anticipated return on the big screen. Yet cinemagoers were in for a massive surprise for when the credits had finished rolling, a post-credit scene reportedly shows KGF Chapter 3 being teased. Images of the post-credit scene are flooding the internet, which appear to show someone reading/writing in a booklet. When the page turns over, in massive letters reads “EL DORADO. KGF CHAPTER-3. Final Draft.”

Interestingly, the director of KGF Chapter 2 Prashanth Neel had previously stated that there wouldn’t be a third movie in the franchise. As reported by The Times of India, Neel said that the team would be compromising the story if a trilogy was produced and that the producers “are in no mood to make any such compromises.” Despite this, Neel has since added in an interview with The Hindustan Times that “It’s too early to confirm. In cinema, you can even bring back the dead to life. If people love KGF: Chapter 2, we could think of continuing the franchise.”

With that type of hype and anticipation, it’s really no surprise that the KGF team want to return for a third movie – if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Now, the attention turns towards the future and specifically, what date KGF Chapter 3 could release around the world. Most notably, Neel is currently working on the upcoming Salaar project, scheduled for 2023, and Hombale Films themselves are working on as many as five productions; Bagheera, Dvita, Richard Anthony – Lord of the Sea, Kantara and Raghavendra Stores – Since 1972.

KGF 3 Release date

Interestingly, Wikipedia’s page for director Prashanth Neel currently lists KGF Chapter 3 as releasing in 2024. Whilst this 2024 release window has not been officially stated by the production team or distribution partners, it would line up with the schedule on the previous two movies.

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